Thermacell MR300MO MR300 Mossy Oak


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Key Features

  • Thermacell mosquito repellent, portable adventure MR300 creates a 15 ft zone of protection against mosquitoes
  • No cords or batteries, powered by a safe and compact fuel cartridge
  • Repel mosquitoes without DEET sprays or lotions on your skin
  • 12 hr of mosquito repellent and fuel included, unscented repellent mats last up to 4 hr each and change color when time to replace
  • Our synthetic allethrin formula is inspired by repellent extracts found in plants
  • Backed by the Thermacell satisfaction assurance
  • Includes one repeller, one multi-purpose clamp, one belt clip, one 12 hr fuel cartridge, and three 4 hr repellent mats

For all your outdoor adventures, thermacell portable mosquito repeller is easy to use and provides hours of scent-free, mess-free mosquito defense up to 15 feet per repeller. with no batteries or cords needed, the portable repeller is ideal for hunters from the tree stand to the duck blind, as well as on-the-go adventures like fishing, camping, hiking and more. includes one repeller, one multi-purpose clamp, one belt clip, one 12 hour fuel cartridge, and three 4 hr repellent mats. mosquitoes are no small problem they can ruin a good time with painful bites, bothersome buzzing, and days of itching afterward. until now, sprays, lotions, torches, deet and citronella have been the only options for fighting mosquitoes. we started thermacell because we wanted a better way to fight mosquitoes. from humble beginnings, our team of entomologists, researchers, and outdoor enthusiasts has over 100 years of combined experience fighting mosquitoes. our mission at thermacell is to change the way the world fights mosquitoes and we've been doing it for over 20 years. headquartered outside boston with distribution centers in georgia, we're leading the way with better solutions to biting insects. with global distribution in 30+ countries and tens of millions of repellers sold, more and more people around the world count on thermacell to make outdoor time even better.

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