Upgrade Your Fishing Game with a Truck Fishing Rod Rack Cooler Combo

Upgrade Your Fishing Game with a Truck Fishing Rod Rack Cooler Combo

Posted by Heather James on 3rd Jan 2024

As any avid fisherman knows, having the right gear can make all the difference in a successful day on the water. And when it comes to fishing from on the beach, having a rod holder or rod rack is essential for keeping your fishing rods organized and easily accessible. But why settle for just a rod holder when you can also have a cooler holder as well? In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of upgrading your fishing game with a truck fishing rod holder and cooler combo and the different options available.

Convenience and Efficiency on the Beach

Picture this - you wake up on Hatteras Island, ready for a day of fishing.  After breakfast, you stop in at Frank & Fran's and grab some fresh bait, sinkers, bottom rigs and ice.  With your rod rack is installed in you 2" truck hit receiver, rods loaded into the rod holders, cooler filled with drinks and ice, you can hit the beach!  Your rods are rigged and ready and at your fingertips.  Grab a sand spike from your rod rack, sink it in the sand, use a rod rack cutting board accessory to cut your bait, bait your hooks, wash your hands in the attached bucket holder and grab a drink from your cooler and relax.  If you have kids with you, hand them the sand flea rake from your rod rack and put them to work digging up free bait.  Sand fleas are great bait and the kids will do the work for you and have fun while doing go.  By the way, if your wife prefers a drink from a cooler other than the bait cooler, consider placing a small bait cooler in the rod rack and a larger drink cooler to keep her happy!  As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life!  

Rod Rack Options

There are several options available for rod racks based on your needs?  A few questions to ask yourself:

  1. How many fishing rods do you need the rod rack to hold?
  2. Do you need the rack to hold a cooler?  If so, just one cooler or two?  Remember keep the wife happy with a separate bait cooler!
  3. Would an add on bait table be helpful?
  4. Do you need a bucket holder or two?
  5. Do you have sand spikes you want to get out of the back of the track by attaching them to the rod rack?

We can help you decide on one of the options below based on your answers to the questions above:

Investment for a Lifetime

The truck fishing rod holder and cooler combo might initially seem like a sizable expenditure. However, when you look beyond the initial cost and consider the advantages it brings, you'll realize it's a worthy purchase. This purchase is more than just a fishing accessory. It's akin to a long-term investment into your fishing lifestyle. This purchase will not only streamline every fishing trip you embark on, but it will also make your adventures more enjoyable for years to come.  If you ever give up fishing (doubt that) or need to upgrade your rack (more likely) you can always sell your current setup for a good price as they withstand the elements and hold their value.

Stop in and let us help you pick one out and get it installed.  You can also shop online on our website at www.hatteras-island.com and we can ship you one so that you have it installed and ready to go before your next trip!