Posted by Heather James on 10th Jul 2018

It has been very windy this week and we have had a lot of folks asking, if I cannot fish in the ocean what can I do.Well, did you know that sound side fishing can be great this time of the year.Flounder, speckled trout and puppy drum can be caught by wading out or by kayak in the sound.

The Pamlico Sound is the largest sound on the East Coast. Many people ask if the sound is saltwater and the answer is yes.The sound is fed by three different inlets, Oregon Inlet, Hatteras Inlet and Ocracoke Inlet.The Pamlico Sound is basically a shallow water (average 6 feet deep) 80 mile long, 15 – 20 mile wide saltwater lagoon.

The shallow nature of the sound makes it great for wading out to fish.The water tends to be calmer on windy days than the ocean side providing anglers with another option.The soundside beaches, saltwater and marshes provide an ideal habitat for fish, reptiles, mammals, and many different species of shorebirds, so get out there and explore!

Fishing in the sound is pretty simple.We recommend throwing a soft bait such as Gulp, Z-Man, Bass Assassin on a jighead, mirrolure or a soft bait under a popping cork.A 7’ or 8’ rod with a spinning reel is perfect for wade fishing and 6’ – 7’ rods with a spinning reel or low profile conventional reel are great for kayak fishing.Remember that fish like structure so wade or kayak out and fish around some of the sand bars or grass flats.You can also get on Google Earth and look for channels/cuts as they typically hold fish this time of year. Here is some of the tackle that we recommend.

As always, don’t forget to send us photos of your catches so that we can share them on our fishing report.They can be sent to frankandfransavon@gmail.com.