Beach Bum Lures Gunslinger 2oz


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Beach Bum Lures was formed in North Carolina by Tim Still, who began his lure-making career in his backyard with a shoe box, a few lead blanks, a couple cans of spray paint and an oversized imagination. Tim, a former college and professional baseball player, started saltwater fishing on the piers and beaches around Virginia Beach and Norfolk. From years of pier and surf fishing for bluefish, spanish mackerel, trout and false albacore, Tim was determined to break the industry molds with new color combinations, patterns and the belief that mostly whatever you can catch from a boat, it’s possible to also catch from the beach, and that Beach Bum Lures can compete with any other lure company. Our flagship metal jig, the Gunslinger Jig TM, is a direct reflection of our mentality: Cast far, reel fast and fight to the finish, win or lose.

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