Posted by Heather James on 26th Jun 2018

OK, so did any of you here grow up in the 80’s and wear those awesome clam digger pants that were in style called “Jams”?Well my mom liked to sew, therefore, instead of buying a pair of “Jams” she made me twenty pair of clam diggers in the ugliest, tackiest patterns possible, but I loved them.As I am writing this article, I wish I had a pair to wear to go out and dig for clams!I am going to be honest here, I have personally never had the chance to go clam digging so this article required some research and talking to friends who plan to take me out to give it a try.Click here to find out more about what I have learned about clamming:

First, what is a clam?A clam is a bi-valve (meaning its shell has two separate halves) mollusk.There are many species of clams including fresh water and salt water.Clams typically live on or in the sandy or muddy bottoms.Clams can and will migrate.

What do I use to harvest a clam? Rakes which are designed to have a catch basket to grab the clam as you rake through the sand are used harvest clams.It is also good to have a basket with you to place the clams in as you dig for more.

Where do I go clamming?The best places to find clams are sound on the flats. One spot that I have been told is a good spot is behind the Coast Guard station in Hatteras on the sound side.You can wade out to knee deep water (this is where the “Jams” would be really nice) with your rake and basket and begin digging.I would recommend that you wear shoes as the bottom can be rough so your feet need protection.

What are the regulations?You do not need a commercial fishing license to clam.As of the date of this article, clams must be 1” thick to be harvested.There is a limit of 100 clams per person per day and a maximum of 200 per boat per day.

What do I do with my catch?I have also been told that you can place them in a bucket of ocean water overnight and that will help clean them prior to cooking.When you are ready to cook them, place them in a pot with an inch of water, boil them with the lid on so that they steam and when the clams open, they are done.They can be served with melted butter.

Where can I get clamming gear?Good news, you can buy a clam rake at Frank & Fran’s.Just want to have an afternoon of fun and not have to take a clam rake home?We rent them as well.