Daiwa Bull Steel 45g Jig

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DAIWA eagerly introduces the new BULL STEEL bladebait, a saltwater lure that lives up to its confident name. Cast and retrieved or dropped and pumped, BULL STEEL emits a sonic typhoon that fish can hear from afar. In fact, you can adjust the sweet siren song by tying to one of its two cutouts, each creating a unique underwater dining experience for the fish. 

BULL STEEL’s attractiveness is further enhanced with electric flashes as it shakes violently from side to side. And its baitfish inspired silhouette is instantly recognized by reef fish and pelagic species alike. Fished vertically, employ a generous rip followed by a limp line freefall. BULL STEEL rises with a tight sonic fury and descends with a distressed wide wobble that’s recognized as a wounded member falling out of a bait-ball. DAIWA’s new BULL STEEL performs exceptionally on snapper, grouper, blackfin tuna, amber jack, jack crevalle, yellowtail, and essentially all pelagic species.